Estate Sales and Moving Sales Services
or "what we can do for you"

  • All consultations are FREE and  confidential.
  • Our commission is flexible and competitive.
  • We use "on site" internet research. We have been the leader for technology  use in New Jersey.
  • Each sale is custom tailored to our clients needs. Our sales are either 2 ,3 or 4 days depending on the size of the sale.  
  • You have no upfront expenses.  Our commission is deducted from the gross sales proceeds. 
  • We photograph items for sale to attract buyers.
  • Our experienced professional staff encourgages sales from the moment the door opens. 
  • Every room is staged to generate maximum financial results and all major items have clearly visible prices. 
  • We utiilize a number system to facilitate the efficient handling and security for your property for the large crowds that our advertising generates. 
  • We are wireless and mobile to better serve your needs and your buyers inquiries. 
  • We fully utilize the Internet for maximum exposure for your sale. 
  •  We advertise in local newspapers that will benefit the bottom line of your sale. *
  • Our sales are well staffed for the best security based on its individual requirements.
  • We have many charities that can be called to make donations so you can receive a tax deduction.  We can also provide assisance for cleanouts after the sale. 
We provide tables, locking showcases (to keep your valuables secure), extra lighting etc.
We price all major items in the sale and clean and polish if necessary.
We prepare, pay for,  and place the ads in newspapers and on the Internet.
We use professional signs and have an inhouse internet specialist.
We supply the bags and paper needed by customers for the sale.
We record sales made and provide a written accounting of items sold.


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